Taking stock

Make sure to look back over the last month and congratulate yourself for your successes big or small.  Think back to what worked for you, what you did differently, how you stretched yourself, and what challenges you created for yourself.

Reassess what you want to achieve by the end of the year, and for the following areas of your life, write down your current focus in these areas:

1. Work
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Home
5. Health

Then write down the honest reality of how life is right now for each of those.  However it is, and however different it is to how you want it to be – just accept it.

The next, possibly more important, step involves creating three columns:

short term focus (3-6 months)
medium term focus (6 months – 3 years)
long term focus (5-10 years)

Then writing your aims for each duration against each of the life areas above.

At our Christmas dinner we spoke out about the one things we would like to achieve for this year.  Travel, projects, weight loss, new hobbies, overcoming work challenges.

Once you have identified a core focus consider what one action you can do today to help you on your way to your goal.

By Michelle Stromgren
Chartered Marketer and Performance Coach with a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. Over 25 years of corporate and individual marketing experience. A mother of two, organiser of many, blogger, budding photographer, and serial student.