Vascular disease awareness month

The Circulation Foundation strives to highlight and promote awareness for vascular disease to the general public and encourages us to ‘Step It Up’ for the awareness of Vascular disease.

Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatics. Every part of the body to which blood flows can be affected by it. It’s as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK, many of which are preventable.

We’re talking:

Arterial diseases include:
Peripheral vascular disease,
Aneurysmal disease,
Carotid disease and Stroke,
Leg ulcers

Venous diseases include:
Varicose veins,
Leg ulcers,
Deep vein thrombosis
Lymphatic disease include:

So Step It Up for September and if you smoke – give up, eat healthy, and exercise.

Now is a good a time as any to consider your health.

For more information please visit: Circulation Foundation