Time for trampolining

Over the last few years there has been an emergence of trampoline parks with little kids up and down the country jumping with all their might and perhaps also interestingly, there have been adults too.

Who needs clubbing when you can flip off your shoes, jump about and laugh until your sides hurt.  Brilliant.

It’s no surprising as I’m told trampolining is great…. for core & leg strength.   It’s also good for a whole lot more:

  • You can burn more calories trampolining as you would do jogging for an hour;
  • It gets you moving without stressing your metabolism;
  • It increases the lymphatic flow in the body; and as such …
  • It increases detoxification.

So who fancies giving it a go?  Or perhaps you have already.

A few places to try it in London:

  • Mile End Leisure Centre
  • JAGS sports club
  • Greenwich Bouncers trampoline academy
  • Ladywell Gymnastics Club
  • Walthamstow Leisure Centre
  • Hendon Leisure Centre
  • Barking Better Extreme
  • Jump Evolution Trampoline park

And if you need enticing anymore, here are some muscle groups that get a workout when you jump on the trampoline:

Legs, thighs, abdominals and buttocks.