Golf – it’s not all about old men in golf carts

After all, where else can you walk for miles whilst chatting to your girlfriends and getting some focus practice in at the same time.

The UK has around 3,000 golf courses and clubs yet only 14% of the c670,000* people play the game.   Let’s look at what’s great about golf.

  • Great for both mind and body as you really have to think about the game, improve your technique and get a great walk in too.
  • It tones the mind, body and being outdoors and close to nature can be so fantastic for relieving stress.
  • You don’t have to head straight to a long course and in many cases you can’t until you’ve reached a certain par, yet the options for playing are endless from driving ranges to short courses and with so many courses to choose from it’s opportunity to see a bit of the country too.

If you are new to the game it is worth having a few lessons so that you know what to work on, most golf courses have lessons available.  Check out your local golf courses, some are not as expensive to join.  Try charity shops for cheaper clubs until you understand what you want from your own set.

To find your local golf course:

Or why not join us for a Golf morning at Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving range followed by lunch at the O2?  If you’re interested get in touch.  We’ll be organising a date for late Spring.


Barbara Buglass
By Barbara
Living in a Northern Seaside Town after almost 20 years in London. Taught in many different London gyms from aerobics classes to step, circuit training to spinning plus everything in between. Love teaching people and seeing the positive effect exercise has on different people from losing the odd (or more) lbs to just feeling better about themselves. On the Register of Exercise Professionals (