What’s happening with the Girly dinners?

This year, as before, we’ll be dining at new restaurants each month and always in central London.  The schedule for the next six months is attached.

I’ll try to keep the monthly dinners less than £30 per person (including service charge) and as much as I can I’ll get a drink included too.  So that means you’ll not be spending more than £35 for each dinner event.


The one thing I do is ask for payment upfront so I can secure the booking and not lose out.  You will have seen that I’ve not pushed for membership fees as it’s never sat right with me charging people a fee to belong to a friendly group, especially given I’d been doing this whole venture for over 20 years for free.  It just seemed so alien.  Instead I may round up the cost of the dinner and service charge to the nearest two or three pound.

It’s been so great seeing many of you at the Girly dinners in 2017, some new faces and some regular.  I know there are still many who are still a little nervous about joining a dinner for the first time not knowing anyone or not knowing who will be at the table.  But don’t be.  Just book and come along.

I can assure you in the 25 or so years I’ve been organising these, we’ve always had a pleasant time, sometimes a quiet and relaxing evening and others completely raucous.  The great thing – you’ll never know what to expect other than escapism from the norm.

What to expect is based upon a number of variables:

ambiance of the restaurant +
personalities, interests and busyness of those attending +
food quality +
location +
cost +
number of people attending +
weather +
staff at restaurant +

Oh and there’s a heap of other aspects too.  One thing, I’ll never push for a huge group.

So that leaves me to remind you to print off the attached, or at least download it.  Keep an eye in the Facebook closed group.   Put the dates in your diary.  That way, there’s no excuses for not knowing about them at least until July.

The Christmas event will however remain consistent – Santa sack, mystery gift for Santa’s sack and a little more extravagance.

Christmas 2017











By Michelle Stromgren
Chartered Marketer and Performance Coach with a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. Over 25 years of corporate and individual marketing experience. A mother of two, organiser of many, blogger, budding photographer, and serial student.