Christmas dinner 2017 at Scoff & Banter

Our Christmas dinners involve the tradition of a festive supper with Christmas crackers and jokes, a huge Santa’s sack that we’ve been using for over 20 years for our Secret Santa plus a red and white hat.  It’s the hat that can cause some hilarity.

One of the great things about the Girly Gang dinners is you never quite know what to expect, from the waiters to the taste of the food and its presentation.  Until the day when you receive a reminder, you’re also not aware of who else will be joining you.   Yet it’s always an experience, and a positive one at that.  With the Christmas hat, you also don’t know which unsuspecting person will wear it.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Part of our task is to find someone in the restaurant be it a neighbouring diner or a member of staff.  At Scoff & Banter in Bloomsbury it took approximately three seconds for our lovely waiter to oblige, and we hope he gets a promotion on the back of it for making us ladies laugh so much.

The set festive menu was not quite what you’d expect but not far off and certainly really enjoyable.  There were a couple of us who’d chosen a different dish but on the main we all opted for the same simply because it was one of those once in a year variations: prawn cocktail, roast turkey with all the trimmings, and a crumble.

Warm Bramley apple crumble, served with vanilla custard

What a lovely evening it was.  The food was fabulous, the staff were just so accommodating and we were left to just chat, and chat and laugh lots.

The only downside is that Google maps shows it as somewhere where it isn’t.  So four of us walked in opposite directions and for a good 20 minutes before finding it, in a hotel, just north of Oxford Street and east of Tottenham Court Road tube.

Otherwise, would we recommend it?

Yes.  For groups, couples, families, and business.  It’s quiet, on the dimly lit side and has a warm atmosphere.

Where we met

97 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3LB
5 December 17

How much did it cost?

£30 + champagne and wine