Why singing is good for your health

As much as many people find it hard to come back to singing if they have been away from the hobby for a long time, some since the school assembly.  However, that does not mean you should lose hope if you really want to at least give singing a try.

As a matter of fact, singing is good for your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing.

There are ways you can walk back into the limelight of music and grow your talent alongside other influential people. We all can agree that music is food to the soul and is very therapeutic.

Tips to getting back music 

Singing in a choir requires that you have the aptitude and if the trainer doesn’t think so, then you may not ‘make the grade’.  Yet if getting back to music is more for fun, for the easy ‘Do, Rey, Mi’ it’s a lot easier to get yourself going, to join a singing group or even lessons.

Either way, to get back to it, like with anything else you take up after a long absence, walk in as a new person and be determined to create a new beautiful experience.

  • Don’t be hasty: take baby steps and grow from there. Start a new chapter with your singing.  It must be fun, then you can start planning on more serious singing.
  • Take it slow: sometimes when the new experience is getting too sweet, and the feelings are overwhelming, it is tempting to overstep. Hold back and take it at a slower pace.
  • Be gentle on your chords: yes, you can sing, but you don’t have to break your chords trying to reach the high notes. Considering you are into it as a new trial, you need to be a little bit kinder to your voice. Let your voice develop, and then you can pitch up slowly.
  • Try something different: If you were into a certain kind of music genre, try out another genre. Embrace new styles, new tones and just go with the flow of the beats. Remember not to be so excited, or else, you might ruin your second chance.
  • Tell your story: what made you stop singing if you’re returning after an absence?  What do you want to gain from singing.  Music brings people together, and you could well make friends. In case of negative comments, give a deaf ear.

Benefits of singing

Reduces stress:

Singing helps reduce the stress that is attributed to by stage fright and other fears people might have. This is most especially visible in choirs where the positive mood is always the highlight of their singing performances. One thing about singing is that you are always encouraged to smile. As small as smiling may seem unimportant, it works magic on stress. It also helps alleviate happiness and ease depression or anxiety you might be feeling.

Creates a bond amongst the group members:

Music brings together people which is a very important factor in enhancing sociality. When you are singing in a group, you are all sharing a common emotional experiences that create a link between the members. It helps keep all the choir members connected. And, even though you are not aware of it, participating in choir singing will help you make musical friends.

Improved immunity for cancer patients:

It does not mean that you will get cured, but it will help ease the symptoms. Music is therapeutic which makes it easy to ease tension in the body. According to research, singing was seen to have improved the immunity of cancer patients who sing often. Apparently, it helps to lessen the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Try singing today and boost your immunity against deadly diseases such as cancer.

Boosts heart health:

Music helps boost heart health by prompting you to breathe better. The basics of singing require you to sing from the base of the abdomen and let the voice sprung out of the mouth. During this time, a particular breathing pattern is adopted which then positively impacts heart health. Singing has been shown to improve heart beat variability and stabilize it.

Physical benefits:

Music has physical benefits in that when you are standing as you sing, you stand in a position that will help you sing better. In this case, you need to be upright, which means your backbone is in the right posture. As you sing, you find a comfortable enough singing posture that will be beneficial in improving your body form and physical posture.

Enhances respiration health:

Finally, singing is important in enhancing respiration health. The same concept applied in boosting heart health is the same as the analogy for enhancing respiration health. It clears the pathway of the throat and any factors that may result into snoring. Singing is an exercise that works out the breathing organs which can also help in reducing asthma effect.