New Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

There are also those that are developed on pre-existing ideas that simplify user experience or enhances it. Smart phone users are an ever ready market for finished app products. However, they are only willing to buy if the quality of the products is high-end. Here are some of the applications that we recommend every smartphone user should have on their phones:

Comixology Comics

Avid comic readers’ needs have led to application developers coming up with ways in which to meet their needs. Given the fact that gaining access to the manual comic books is most often than not unsuccessful. There is need to have an app that allows you to select from a wide range of comic books. The comixology comics has made it easier for comic fanatics to have a new and fun reading experience. Comixology users are entitled to an endless selection of comics for a monthly fee of $5.99. The developers of Comixology have managed to enhance the user experience by featuring a swift navigation. This helps you to scroll and locate a certain comic faster. Thus you can read on new comics easily and buy faster them faster than you can imagine.

Cosmic watch

The cosmic watch consists of a world clock and an astronomical clock. It has a classical design with a 3D solar system model that reflects it from earth’s point of view. It is kind of a smart application that tells time according to the position and motion in the cosmos. It has the features of a real time world clock. This allows you to look up all the local times of different locations across the globe. It also has a digital clock interface for enhanced viewing of time as with a normal clock application. As for the astronomy features, enjoy celestial navigation features with real time travel. When you align the cosmic watch with the cardinal points of the earth, it provides the actual position you are in with regards to the solar system. That is, according to the movements of the sun, moon and even the planets.


The 1weather app presents the best user experience when it comes weather applications. You will find all the details about the weather of your location among other important weather forecast details. One can even access data on a 12-week prediction of the weather. This makes it easier for one to make weekly plans in being ready for any weather changes. The availability of a radar makes it possible for one to view oncoming storms. In addition to that, the application comes with widgets which you can customize to suit your taste and preference. You can download it for free on your android phone from Google Play Store.

Last Pass

Data security is a prominent need for mobile phone users. The developers of LastPass have succeeded in making a creation that is relevant to the needs of mobile phone users. This application enables you to save your log in details in a safe way. It also helps you create extremely hard to guess passwords for your phone as well as other applications. With the cross-platform feature, users of the application can easily access information from their devices from the log in time. You can also see all you have done with your phone thanks to the cross-platform feature. The application uses a master password which secures all the passwords you have set on your smartphone. Make sure you have the latest version though!

Pocket Casts

This is an application that suites the needs of podcast lovers. Pocket Casts allows users to access a wide range of podcasts most quickly. The user interface is interactive and impressive. Thus, giving it an edge over other podcast applications. Pocket Cast users are in a position to not only stream the podcasts, but also download them for offline listening. It has an available option that lets you sync podcasts that you are streaming or have downloaded. The users of this applications can only use it to handle their podcasts alone.

Mimicker Alarm

The conventional clock applications are gradually being replaced by more relevant apps such as the mimicker alarm. Many people will snooze their alarms and continue sleeping which often results in missed flights and important other important schedules. Microsoft Garage has however managed to provide a perfect solution to this problem by creating the Mimicker alarm. This alarm requires that the user should accomplish a certain task so that the alarm can go off. One may be required to hop out from the bed, speak out a certain phrase or take a selfie in order to have the alarm go off. The effectiveness of this application is built on completing the set action first or else, the alarm will go on and on. User experience is enhanced by making sure the user wakes up and starts the day as planned. For those who have accountability partners, you can show them that you are awake by sharing selfie snaps from this application.


By Michelle Stromgren
Chartered Marketer and Performance Coach with a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. Over 25 years of corporate and individual marketing experience. A mother of two, organiser of many, blogger, budding photographer, and serial student.