There’s nothing on the telly
And I’m feeling rather smelly
So I go into the bathroom for a shower
But my plan just isn’t working
Cause I find a beasty lurking
And its eight legs make me jump and scream and cower
I cannot bear to touch it
Regardless of how much it
Is helpless ‘gainst my size and strength and power
So I guess it’s time to own up
That I am not yet a grown up
In a crisis I’m a fragile little flower
Now I’m waiting for a strong man
To dispose of it if he can
After all, he should be home within the hour

Karen Bond
By Karen Bond
In between being a sensible human being with a career as a consultant and a grown up family, I am prone to contemplation, dreaming and seeing the funny side of the things that happen around me. So I hope to offer some of each of these in this feature and would be delighted to see anyone who enjoys what they have read on my website.