A Novice’s Guide to Fishing in UK

If you have reached the ripe old age of 12 years, then you are legally allowed to fish in the UK. You can head to any local tackle shop or even bait shop and purchase the required fishing supplies for yourself. However, before we dive into the basics of the fishing equipment required at a beginner level, you must be well-aware of the fishing rules and laws imposed by the government of United Kingdom.

To get a head start in fishing basics, learn these basic fishing rules by heart, and then proceed and make your way through to a tackle shop to buy the necessary fishing gear such as bobbers, hooks, lures and a fishing pole to get started!

Fishing License in the UK:

What are the fishing licenses required to fish legally in UK?

Before you head out to try your luck at the nearest lake, make sure that you carry your fishing license with you. If you don’t have one, then simply follow the procedure to acquire a rod fishing license and you will be legally allowed to fish in most rivers, lakes and ponds!

Rod Fishing License:

Fishing enthusiasts who are above the age of 12, are required to carry a rod fishing license, whenever they are out fishing.

The rod fishing license permits you to fish for:

  • Salmon
  • Eel
  • Trout
  • Other fresh water fish

The fish specific fishing license are Trout, Course fish and Eel license, and the Salmon and Sea Trout license, which let you fish for Sea Trout, Salmon and freshwater fish.

Where Can I Purchase a Rod Fishing License?

A rod fishing license can be purchased either online, or by contacting the following offices:

  • Environmental Agency Office
  • A post office

How Often Should I Get My Rod Fishing License Renewed?

You can purchase a short-term fishing license for either a day or a whole week, but if you opt for a 12-month subscription, then all annual fishing license expire on the 31st of March every year and you will need to get it renewed before this date.

Always carry your fishing license whenever you are out fishing. If you are ever found without a valid one, the concerned authorities may act accordingly and fine you for thousands of pounds!

Fishing Rules:

When Can I Fish?

Fishing in freshwater and still waters is usually permits all around the year except for some species that should not be fished from the 15th of March to the 15th of June. These are labelled as ‘off-season’, and fishing in ‘off-season’ can land you in trouble!

What Baits Can I use?

Some areas of the United Kingdom propagate the use of live and natural baits such as eel, shrimp and minnow, while others (South-East England) strongly recommend the use of artificial bait.

Some regions go easy on the anglers and allow the use of both kinds of bait to be used while fishing.

What Are My Fish Catch Limits?

The UK government allows only a certain number of fish that can be caught and taken home with you. If the catch is big and you cannot care for it at home, then the fish should be released in the waters from where it was caught.

If you are fishing on a private holding, then you must comply with the rules regarding the fish catch limit set by the holdings’ owner.

These fishing rules need to be followed closely, otherwise your license to an amusing recreational activity might get revoked!

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