Perfecting your Makeup in Minutes

Between juggling the demands of daily life, work and social commitments, it is not always possible to have a lot of time in front of the mirror to perfect your make up look, so here are a few tips and tricks to get your face looking fabulous in Five minutes

A simple makeup look should not take longer than 5 minutes and can involve as many or as little products as you would like- 4 or 5 items makes sense.

I believe that the key to a polished makeup look is good skin and eyebrows. The rest is just decoration.

If you do not have a lot of time to spend on makeup, spend it on a good solid skin care ritual.

Suggested Skincare Ritual

Morning: Wash your face in the shower, apply a Serum for intense treatment and follow with a face oil or moisturiser for hydration. At least one of the products you use on your face should contain minimum SPF 15 but 20- 30 is preferable.  This can be either in your moisturiser or your base.

Evening: Everyone is talking about the “Double Cleanse.” This means cleaning once to remove your makeup and then a second time to actually clean the skin. you can do this with the same cleanser or use a makeup remover, followed by a skin cleanser.  Pat your face dry and then apply your serum and  a richer night cream or face oil.  Twice weekly you should exfoliate your skin, and treat your self to a weekly hydrating mask.

By really taking care of your skin, you will need less time to apply your makeup!

Five Minute Face

For lasting makeup, it is important to apply thin layers and then powder well.  I love Multi use, easily bendable products.  These are items that can be used straight from the tube or container and easily blended with your fingers before powdering to set.  They also make your makeup bag really practical and compact. Some brands like Ellis Faas and Nudesticks are only made of easy to use crayons and sticks.

As I said before, and will again, if you have 3 minutes, perfect your skin and your eyebrows, then do lip balm and go. but if you have 5 minutes, you should be able to do a full face, using really simple techniques.


I would start with a tinted moisturiser or Primer Or BB cream. This acts as a base on which your makeup can sit evenly, providing an initial layer of correction to the skin.  I apply this with my fingers.

Then apply concealer with a brush or straight from the stick and blend with your fingers,  under the eyes and on any discolourations you think need covering. I also always run a bit of concealer on the edge of the lip line for a perfected lip that looks good whether or not I apply lipstick.

Powder using a loose or compact translucent powder. If your skin is dryer, buff with a large brush, but pat with a powder puff if your skin is oilier.


Perfect your eyebrows by brushing them up and out and filling in any sparse spots with a pencil or powder.  I prefer using an angle bush with a natural colour shadow that is at least 1 shade LIGHTER than your eyebrow hair colour (this avoids a solid heavy brow look) becuase if find the finish more natural than with a pencil. You can also help hold your brows in place  with the help of a brow gel.

Try eyeshadow sticks or crayons for convenient packaging that you can literally draw on and smudge with your fingers.  Chubby sticks are meant to provide a soft and smudgy look which is inevitably mistake proof.  simply draw the colour as line on your top lid and blend with your finger, a brush, a cotton bud or a sponge tip applicator. Try Trish McEvoy, Ilia Beauty or Kiko. Go for nude or neutral shades for a soft eye enhancement that makes you look polished without looking too made up, and will be really easy to do quickly. Then curl your lashes before applying 2 coats of mascara. If you do not curl your lashes already, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your look.

You can also try convenient palettes like the ones by Nude + Noir that consist of 4 cream colours to be used with your fingers all over your face. Try the Reserve Palette.


I love Multi sticks that you just swipe on your face and blend out. NARS had this market cornered for years, but I love the ones by Ilia Beauty as they are more sheer.  I apply these directly on my cheeks and pat out with my fingers. Jane Iredale make a brilliant cheek enhancer that I also use with my fingers.  I would then add a quick swipe of powder blush to set the colour over top.  This may seem like an extra step but it leads to longer lasting makeup.


This is the quickest and easiest of all the steps. If you don’t have time for lip liner (who does) choose a natural shade that still looks good without strong definition. You can also try liquid lipsticks  that are in the same format as a lip gloss but have longer lasting power. The wand makes precise application easy, so wearing a stronger colour can be a really fast process.  I love  Hourglass, Sleek and Urban Decay.

By Tahira
Professionnal Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist with 20 years experience in Film, Fashion and Beauty. Crafter, Writer, Mother, Foodie. Finder of beauty in all things.