Five crafts to bring out the artist in your child

Apart from licking popsicles all summer long, get your child involved in a little craft work to nurture creativity. Undertaking art and crafts project with your child would allow you both to relax and unwind, taking away the whole year’s stress with it. You will be able to know your child in a much better way. Their creative flair for painting, their cloaked artistic talent, and their passion to build DIY projects on their own, would leave you bewildered!

We are listing the 5 easiest yet quite impressive craft projects to work on along with your child. Let’s get crafty!

1.  Wind chime made of tin cans

Kelly Ladd Sanchez

Effortlessly undemanding and light on the pocket too! Constructing a wind chime from a few tin cans would be the best way to start off the craft project and nurture creativity in your child.

What you will need:

Few empty tin cans, oil paints, small hoola hoop and some twine.

What to do?

Paint the tin cans per your preferences and let them dry. Cover a hoola hoop with some twine. Now attach your painted tin cans with hoola hoop with the help of single thread of twine. Put everything together and your tin can wind chime is ready to tinkle!

2  Paint eggs

We know Easter is almost a year away, but painting eggs will always remain one of the most fun activities for kids to nurture creativity.

What you will need:

Few empty and intact egg shells, and paint.

What to do?

Get a few eggs and create a hole in them with a sewing needle or any pin. Empty the content of the egg into a separate bowl and don’t waste them, instead, make scrambled eggs out of them!

Now cleans your eggs very gently with water and soap, and then let them dry. When they are dried out, paint on them polka dots, stripes or flowers to make them interesting.

There’s even more tips on this within the Decorating eggs for Easter post

3.  Practice origami 

Origami is an art in itself. Practicing origami with your child would enable them to create hundreds of impressive origami models out of a plain piece of paper. This craft is sure to nurture creativity in your child!

What you will need?

An origami paper, or any other paper would do just fine.

What to do?

There are tons of YouTube tutorials to learn origami from. Start out slow, and first learn the technique of paper folding. Practice the simplest origami first and then move on to complex models. This is a fun way to keep your child occupied!

4.  Bow tie hair clips with pasta

This craft is a definite winner among the girls. It is fun and fruitful too. Your child gets to design hair clips made from pasta and wear them as well. What an excellent way to nurture creativity while benefitting from it!

What you will need?

Bow tie Pasta, fine paint brushes and paint.

What to do?

Wash your bow tie pasta well, and let it air dry. Take your paint and brushes and begin                  painting your favorite designs on to the bow tie pasta. Let it dry completely. Now you can glue hair clips underneath the bow tie pasta to complete your craft and wear it on your hair!

5.  Decorative butterflies made with tissue roll tubes

Nurture creativity and craft masterpieces with the most useless things! Do not discard empty tissue rolls, instead, collect them and make them into pretty looking butterflies as decorative pieces for your child’s room!

What you will need?

Empty tissue rolls, a pair of scissors, hot glue gun and some spray paint.

What to do?

Cut out thin circles of cardboard from the tissue rolls and stick four of these together to form a butterfly’s wings. Put together the butterfly’s central body part by combining two cardboard rings. Glue everything together. After the glue, has dried, spray paint your masterpiece and paste them to your bedroom’s wall!

These 5 quick crafts are sure to nurture creativity in your child and bring out their artistic flair. So, go and get your arts and crafts tools and supplies ready and get started!