What a place.

You could easily miss it.  The outside is pretty discrete and definitely not an accurate representation of what is down the stairs inside.

Once in you’re met with glamour.

There were a group of women waiting at reception.  It was all very organised.  Perhaps a little bit of overkill.  Yet we were led to the bar area to wait for our friends despite given the option to go to our table.

The place is dimly lit yet it works.  It’s also huge.

The staircase is grand and leads toward another central bar with many different sized tables around it.

Our food was amazing.  Each one of us complemented at least one of the courses as being the best ever tasted.  It really was delicious and so fully of flavour and beautifully presented.

Then the band appeared.  We weren’t expecting that.

The only downside despite it being a really great sound was that we couldn’t hear each other talk.  Conversation was muted.  Completely.


The bathroom was unreal.  Possibly not good if you have a headache and certainly if you have epilepsy. Stripes.  Everywhere.


Where we met

Quaglinos Bury Street London
26 April 2017

How much did it cost?