March dinner at Inamo


Well this was a strange place.  Perhaps it’s the age.  Not the age of the place.  The age of us.  Saying that, we’ll all pretty technical.  This place was all about the high-tech gizmos.  Not about the food.  We found that out pretty quick.

There was some confusion over our menu so after we’d been seated we were handed a bottle of wine which we didn’t think was part of our deal.  So they took it away, having poured us a taster.  Then realising the meal deal was what we’d signed up for the very same bottle came back.  To get a waiter after that was all about requesting on via the iPad at the table.



If you wanted, you could see your food being prepared on the interactive table.  If you can decipher the fuzziness that is.



The food is more plentiful than you think although nothing to write home about.  It’s pretty ordinary although the aubergine dish is huge, hot and flavoursome.




Being a birthday evening we’d given the restaurant the heads up and so received a gigantic sparkler as way of celebration.  It was all lovely with the staff singing happy birthday and fellow diners joining in.  However there was no napkin, no forks and we were left to eat this chocolate concoction with our fingers. Getting the staff’s attention is difficult, even with the iPad request button.

Well we had a giggle, chatted lots and finished all the food (bar the aubergine, which was gargantuan) and figured we wouldn’t be heading back to that restaurant again unless we wanted to impress some teenagers who’d never been out to dinner before.   It’s also really noisy.

Night out with the girls – always great (it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with that counts)

Restaurant – 4/10

Where we met

Inamo, Covent Garden
9 Mar 2017

How much did it cost?