Mele & Pere – our September dinner

So, the Girly Gang dinner…..

VENUE:  Mele & Pere  (Translation: Apples and Pears)

We met at the top
By the Apples and Pears..
Michelle has the photos
Which we hope that she shares

Soho? At night?
Four girlies, smiles bright
The menu? What menu?
And then that hot light….!

Mushrooms, tomatoes
Pasta and rice
We all were agreed that
It really was nice

Pineapple chutney, (Yum!)
Chocolate and cheese
We dined and we chatted
Some were near on their knees

We had ‘bubbles’ to start off
Did we mention the wine?
We dined, drank and nattered
Away flew the time….

So back up we trotted
Those Apples and Pears
Homewards we trotted
Such fun, without cares

These Girly Gang members
Are full, fit to burst!
Join us the next time
You know that you must !!!

Thanks Annie!


applesThis restaurant is quite a stylish yet eclectic mix.  A small yet comfortable bar upstairs adorned by all things Apples and Pears, quite cleverly stacked on glass shelves above the stairs (come in Cockney Rhyming slang).   Downstairs is somewhat slightly different.

The place opens out in to a rather vibrant and bustling cafe style restaurant.  A bistro they call it.  I’d say it’s more clean and relaxed.   Yet the staff are incredibly friendly, engaging and really helpful.

Our set menu had been sent through and the details differed to the one on the table.  Due to a couple of allergies the manager came out to go through her requirements.  I can’t remember having such a level of service in such a long time.  Constantly with a smile too.  Can it get any better?

MushroomsThe food was small yet perfectly formed.  The flavours were wonderful.  Such simple ideas yet beautifully packaged.  The mushroom starter is quite possible the best starter and something not normally considered up there on the list of items to choose.  It’s highly recommended here!

It is a great place.  It’s pretty noisy though so don’t go for a sensible and in-depth discussion.  But for a group of friends, a work party and it is perfect.

Definitely thumbs up!


Where we met

Mele & Pere 46 Brewer Street London W1F 9UJ
22 September 2016

How much did it cost?

£26.50 (3 courses & bubbles including service) + extra drinks if you want them