Brasserie Max in March


Ironically the third restaurant in a row for us to attend that is very close to the Three Dials.  All three have been great and for different reasons.

At the far end is a comfortable looking bar and what’s particularly great about this place are the round tables – perfect for groups of 4-6 who want to chat amongst themselves, just like we do.

This is such a warm, welcoming, comfortable and elegant restaurant and the service was superb.




The food was delicious.  The chicken tempura starter was perfect.

So too was the goats cheese.

Really beautifully presented yet the flavour was not at all disappointing. Good wholesome food.






The staff were incredibly attentive. They had noted a gift on the table and as the birthday girl amongst us left the table for a few moments, a waitress asked if she’d like a little birthday cake.

It was a special touch.  There were quite a few of them from the unexpected delicious sorbet ice cream cones to cleanse the palette after our meal to the candlelight holders on the table .

Brasserie Max is perfect for groups, romance, business, getting together with friends.  A great place to take your parents and apparently they do a lovely afternoon tea too.



All in all a really lovely evening.

Thanks for organising last night- you always seem to pick restaurants with such great food!!
Service was very good too, great location & good price.  I would love to go back again for the apple crumble alone!
Yes it was a lovely evening!  The food was great and the surroundings amazing – I would be happy to revisit at anytime.

Where we met

Brasserie Max
16 April 2016

How much did it cost?