Perfecting positivity – Happiness Project Month 8

At our February Happiness meet-up we discussed how even though emotions can sometimes get the better of us; by feeling good over time we can help build the resources to enable us lead to happier lives.  We looked at emotional states, and the process of negative emotions.  We also discussed ways to feel more upbeat even on ‘grey’ days.

We realised that what makes someone feel positive is not always the same for another.   Yet generally feelings of gratitude, excitement, creativity or even that rush of adrenaline give us a positivity surge.

Discussing our negative and positive emotions we were better placed to come up with actions to better ensure we feel better in the long run.

Like they say, little by little, and step by step.  Gradually positivity actions taken will not only become second nature but will impact our lives.

Looking for the beauty in everything is one idea.  And just as we discussed that we couldn’t help but see a beautiful arrangement moments from where we were seated.

Where we met

Royal Horseguards Hotel
25 Feb 2016

How much did it cost?